Hoovism's Mirror

Do not synchronize more often than every three hours without permission from the administrator. The administrator is not responsible for any content originating from upstream organizations.

Mirror Information1

Project Name Project Homepage Disk Usage Schedule Mirror URL
CPAN Official 19GB Instant (iim)
Everything N/A 19GB N/A


Project Name Project Homepage Disk Space Bandwidth Status Next Update
Apache Official 200GB+ Unknown Researching 01JAN2017
Fedora Project Official 10TB+ 100Mb/s Stalled - Disk Space 01JUN2017
MacPorts Official 550GB Unknown Researching 01JAN2017
MariaDB Official 150GB Unknown Researching 01JAN2017
MariaDB Archive Official 1.1TB Unknown Stalled - Disk Space 01JUN2017
OpenOffice.org Official 200GB+ Unknown Researching 01JAN2017
VideoLAN Official 50GB 100Mb/s-1Gb/s Stalled - Bandwidth 01JUN2017

Discontinued Mirrors

Project Name Project Homepage Notes Next Activity
Tor Project Official
Discontinued 08MAR2016 with minimal probability that anyone noticed. Traffic is not automatically distributed to mirrors, likely due to the risk model adopted by the organization, and therefore users must find the poorly-linked, rarely-maintained mirror list on their own prerogative.
Not Planned
GNU Project Official
Discontinued 20MAR2016 because the organization did not respond to a mirror creation request. Will revisit periodically or if contacted.
Ubuntu Releases Official
Discontinued 01AUG2016. Did not qualify as an official mirror, but did receive 42GB of spam in a day's time at an address used only in Canonical's Launchpad as a consolation prize.
Not Planned

1 Additional projects will be added as resources permit. If you would like to see your favorite project here, drop the administrator an email and suggest it. Organizations do not necessarily need to be well-known to be hosted here (the big ones are simply easier to find); the decision makers are fond of grassroots organizations!

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